Spring Fertilizer

Here we are filling up the strip till machine with fertilizer.

This spring as we strip till the fields that will be planted to corn, we apply fertilizer in each row about five inches deep. What kind of fertilizer your ask? It’s referred to as 32%. This is one of many forms of nitrogen. Typically, no matter what form of nitrogen is purchased, we apply one unit of nitrogen per bushel of corn we plan to produce. On our operation, we can see average yields from 180 bushels per acre to 220 bushels per acre. So usually we will apply around 200 units of nitrogen each year. BUT we do not apply all of it here. To minimize runoff and utilize all that we apply efficiently, we also apply nitrogen with the planter, sprayer (when we spray herbicides) and sidressing (a tool that applies nitrogen in standing corn in between the rows). This spring 140 “units” are going through the strip tiller.

When we use this machine in the fall, we apply much less nitrogen so that there is minimal runoff throughout the winter.